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Testimonials: What People Are Saying

Read what some of our former students have said about their experiences with English Week.

August 2014 Immersion Course

I changed my flight just to participate in the intensive course of English Week. The course is heavy – it’s for the entire day and part of the night – however, the night-time classes take place in various cultural and interesting places in Limerick. It was worth every minute and every cent. I would recommend it!

Adiei meu voo apenas para participar de um curso intensivo promovido pela English Week. O curso é pesado, pois, é o dia inteiro e uma parte da noite, no entanto, as aulas noturnas são ministradas em pontos culturais e interessantes de Limerick. Está valendo cada minuto e cada centavo. Recomendo!

Salis from Brasilía, Brazil

Thank you so much for this great and intense experience! As each day passed, I could feel my English fluency improving. I enjoyed the conversation activities, the grammar lessons and trips. On Thursday, we went to a play in the theatre; I was so happy that I could understand the actors – I really felt my listening progressed! Limerick is a wonderful city, and Ireland is a beautiful country.

Francesca from Florence, Italy

Good teachers, good people, good experience. Not only at the school; we spent our time playing football, going on excursions, clubbing, etc. We made good friends in Limerick! 🙂

Santiago from Valladolid, Spain


Our goal here at English Week is to get our learners thinking in English, help them lose the fear of making mistakes and get them to speak English with confidence.

A question that people often ask us is “How can I noticeably improve my English in just one week?”

With the supportive learning environment and motivation provided by English Week you can.

Our courses are different from many other language schools, as the students only study here for one week. However, they study in a fully immersive English language environment, from the moment they wake up until when they go to sleep, maximising their exposure to the target language.

English Week will have its first course this autumn. However, the structure of the courses and methodology used are closely modelled on those offered by Celil Immersion, a Brazilian language teaching company  which has been successfully running week-long Immersion courses for over twenty years. James Gaffney, Director of English Week, taught there before setting up English Week.  Below you can read some testimonials from some of his students on the Celil Immersion courses, in which they emphasise the benefit of this type of week-long intensive language learning programme.



“I am enthusiastic about Celil Immersion Course because I had never thought I could improve my English in 7 days. This experience was really fantastic for my personal and professional life, and I must confess it was much better than the experience I had in Canada in 2006. “

Danielle Mendes Nascimento (March 2013)
Ventura Petróleo – Macaé


“Very hard in the beginning and lots of fun at the end. The best way to improve your English.”

Alexandre Yamamura (May 2013)
Production Manager at Prolife Equipamentos Médicos – Pouso Alegre


“It’s a one time experience that everybody should have. In my opinion it’s like a week vacation in English.”

Hugo Citrângulo (November 2012)
Corporate Project Engineer at Latapack-Ball – Jacareí


“I started thinking in English after this immersion course. I’ve already been in an immersion course in London, but this immersion program is better, in my opinion, because it doesn’t follow a book and covers a wide variety of topics.”

Celso Cruz (November 2012)
Head of Busbuilder Support at Scania Latin America – São Paulo


“I am sure this course not only improved my English, but also myself. It is very hard and although I didn’t have solid basis in English I could follow the course.”

Monalisa Martino (March 2013)
Embraer – São José dos Campos