Course Information

1) Programme:
It is an opportunity to have a complete immersion in the English language, in which the participant breaks down the communication barrier that often exists when learning a foreign language. In the  immersion programme the student discovers that they can produce much more English than they could have ever imagined previously. The students will notice their progress day by day.

2) Duration:
The programmes take place over seven days.

3) Typical Day:
9 hours of supervised classroom and language production activities delivered by our team of highly-qualified, experienced, motivated language teachers.

4) Target Audience:
People who already have a basic knowledge of English. People who have a good understanding of English, but have problems speaking it.

5) Objetive of the Course:
For participants to gain confidence to communicate in English.

6) Total Hours:
7 days: 100 hours.

7) Admission to the Course:
Through the website, Reserve On-line, by email, by phone +353 61327730 or +353 877418013 or by Skype: EnglishWeek

8) Teachers:
All of our teachers are professionally qualified language teachers and have many years experience teaching language learners of all ages from around the globe. They all meet the qualification standards set down by the Irish Department of Education for teaching English in Ireland, and have experience in other fields as well.

9) Activities:
Films, board games, sports, music, debates, discussions, visits to tourist sites (The Cliffs of Moher, King John’s Castle, The Hunt Museum).

10) How to check if the candidate has the Minimum Level Required:
Pre-Test on the Internet or a telephone interview.

11) Formation of Classes:
After the evaluation of the profile of each candidate on the first day of activities.

12) Course Programme:
This is decided on the first day of the programme, after surveying the needs of the members of each class.

13) Official Language:
The participants must only use English as the language of communication all the time.

14) Academic reflection:
One hour per day is devoted to individual study.

15) Night-time Activities:
Presentations, Debates, Language Games, Films.

16) Extra Activities:
Lectures, interviews and visits to places of local interest. A trip to the magnificent Cliffs of Moher and West Clare is included in each course. During the free time in each course, participants can visit local tourist attractions in Limerick – entry fee to these sites is included in the course fee. Depending on what other events are on in Limerick during the particular week of each course, participants can go to them too.

17) Aural Comprehension:
TV in English in the bedrooms; all hotel staff and local people the participants will meet will be speaking in English.

18) Leisure Areas:
“A healthy body in a healthy mind.” It is well known that physical activity benefits the learning process, and we encourage our participants to something active during their course. There is a small gym near The Woodfield House Hotel at the Limerick Lawn Tennis Club that participants can use. If participants wish to play football or tennis during their breaks, these can be played at local sports clubs Limerick Lawn Tennis Club and the nearby Barrington’s Pier Park. The Westfields Bird Sanctuary, located a short distance from the hotel, is a marvellous amenity for people interested in walking in nature.

19) Food:
5 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks at two Coffee Breaks). See the restaurant.

20) Location:
The courses take place in the Woodfield House Hotel Limerick, on the Ennis Road, in the leafy suburbs close to Limerick City Centre. Limerick is located in the Midwest of Ireland, 26 km from Shannon International Airport, 107 km from Cork International Airport and 209 km from Dublin International Airport. Click here for information on how to get here.

21) Our clients:
Large companies make use of our services as part of the training of their staff. Individuals too, interested in improving their language skills in a short space of time, also take part in our courses.

22) Accommodation:
Single or Double Hotel Bedrooms are available. Participants may also book a course without accommodation, if they wish to arrange this themselves, for example, if they already live in the Limerick region.

Intensive Language Courses

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